Career Advice: IM vs. Other (2020 and beyond)


TLDR: I can make short-term money in a micro-niche, by running a DMA, however I have doubts about long-term survival in the IM industry.

I am at a point now where I can ‘throw myself’ into the world of IM, create an agency and get clients (in a micro-niche that I have established connections/leads in)

However I feel like maybe my time/energy would be better spent learning other skills to earn money IRL - For me this could be carpentry, massage, chef… etc. and perhaps these would be more enjoyable/less stressful compared to IM.

Little background info: 23 Y.O, UK citizen, 5k USD savings, managing 1.1 M instagram network (in micro niche) - I enjoy being in nature, taking psychedelics and eating healthy food.

I keep seeing how online marketing is becoming more and more automated, not to mention the total saturation of digital marketers these days.

Seeing how FB totally killed off everyone with their algo update, I am definitely a little sceptical about investing myself into an online industry that can dissolve at the press of a button.

I am very new and figured maybe other people could chip in with some wise words. If you feel like it.

Thanks for the support

Unless u have a clear vision on what you want to do in life i don’t see a reason to choose between these AT THE MOMENT. You could find something down the line in IM that could make you enough money to live comfortably for 1-5-10 years or more

I’ll be a doctor in 2 years and i see no reason to choose IM over irl work, u can get to a point in which 2 hours daily of IM can bring u 2x-5x-10x more money than what u do as a chef,carpentry etc.

So u can easily add 1-2 hours of IM to your desired irl work daily or every 2nd day depending on you and your niche, quite a few options that allow u to get a client, work hard for 1 day and just quickly skim over the rest of the month and get 2-5k from 1 client alone so even those 1-2 hours can be seen as overkill after u get really good at 1 skill.

I would say go with both, unless u don’t have big dreams and want to party hard daily it’s totally doable


Yep. I’m part time personal trainer (well not anymore due to covid) and digital marketer. You can deffo balance both.