Catchy bio ideas for better FBR?

I’m working on my personal account, and I’m new to Instagram. I noticed most of the accounts follow a standardized scheme for their bio (classic emoji + item list style), so I was wondering… what is the gold standard for bios? Should I be including hashtags? Which ones? Emojis? Location?

I haven’t found any info on lv1 about this particolar matter – am I missing out on something?

I’m looking for ways to improve my conversion ratio from a small account (1.1k) with good/great organic reach, since all I’m getting is a bunch of likes and no follows at all.

It genuinely looks like my content is good judging by ER, but I can’t seem to get followers without using F/U – and even then, FBR is very low.

Any ideas?

Thank you all – love this community!


A good cta, and emojis is all that’s needed. Split test a few different layouts and see which one brings the best fbr.

Just find an account like you want, that has good numbers, and make your bio similar to theirs. Not copy, of course, but use theirs as a template.

So is the usage of emojis universally accepted as correlated to higher FBR? Kinda afraid they look too childish since I’m in the wine niche!

They help draw attention to the bio, in which you would have your CTA. One should use them hand in hand to achieve the best results.

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Thank you for your insight.

In my opinion icon can be used but it should be all icon on the left like list symbols or most of them the same color. otherwise i think it is too chaotic or like you said childish.

Follow me or you will be haunted for the next 10 years :smiley:
There are a lot of creative BIO ideas, they are mostly used for niche accounts and private accs to get more followers

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