Celebrity Account Following Locked 'Protected' accounts

Hi guys,

I run several celebrity accounts on Twitter and one i particular is having issues.

I run several tools on the account such as MP, ManageFlitter building the accounts by thousand every week. However when i stopped work on the account the account began to grow on it’s own. The account keeps following locked ‘protected’ accounts usually from eastern parts of the world.

I’ve removed all apps so there is nothing logged in and also asked the client to change password which he has done.

In doing all this the problem still persists and he has more than one account this is happening to although i don’t manage the other one.

Has any one else seen this problem before and if so do they know what it could be when nothing is logged in?

Have you removed that account from Mass Planner?

I saw people complaining how they follow users they didn’t want to follow, usually they forgot to turn off Follow Back tool, then when someone follows their account, follow back tool does it’s job.

Check it if you haven’t removed your account from from Mass Planner.

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Yes everything is off MP, nothing to do with MP i don’t think.