Certain Features (Shop/IGTV) now missing


I have one client who can no longer post to IGTV and I have another who no longer has her shop set up on Instagram (though the Shopify/facebook/Instagram connection is all set up), also even stranger is all her previously product tagged items have been removed.

Anyone see anything like this before?

I remember reading that those who would continue to use automation might see their experience impacted, wondering if this is one of the “punishments”


What’s the clients niche? And what kind of automation were you performing for them? F/UF? Likes? Dm?


Fashion for the shop
Music for IGTV

Solely F/UF for both


Sounds more like a bug to me…


Agree/hope so!


About the posting to IGTV. You now need to download the IGTV app to be able to post to it. You can still view videos etc in the normal app but you can’t post from it. They made the cahnge recently, probably desperate to get people over to the IGTV app.


Share your settings! Could be your proxy?


I don’t how my settings or proxy could be involved? It’s largely an account issue