Change in Analytics since going viral, need help

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I recently had a video get 2.6 million views, and I went from 2k followers to 52k followers. I’ve noticed all my tiktoks since the viral video have my analytics showing mostly followers making up my video views, and my videos aren’t getting a ton of views.

Does a video not hit the FYP as quickly if you have more followers? Does it wait until more of your followers have engaged first? Why are my analytics showing mostly followers instead of fyp?

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@strachriddles on TikTok

no, each gets posted on fyp and does not matter how many. infact if you have many… few million or so, it might be pushed harder.

something in your videos made it so it is difficult and or for now – not able to go on fyp.

that’s is not how TikTok works, it gets shown on the fpy in batches – if it gets traction there, then it gets seen by more people, and depending on its view time, repeat rate and some other items gets shown to a bigger audience. a whole mess of reasons why.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond @Alexnvo

I think my recent videos will gain traction in a few days once some of my videos die down. I have a video from a month ago, that whenever I put it on private, my most recent video gets a ton of traction. It’s a video with LOADS of comments, so it always has action, but it may be taking away from my newer stuff?

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no way to tell, can’t see analytical( nor do I want do) and other stuff, that ‘golf like a pro’ is doing doing shitty. Capture the essence of what you did with those 100k and above. You also need to do lives more – at least one hour a day to gain more traction if stuck off the fyp page.

@Alexnvo Thanks for the input. The video I posted this morning is doing well so far!

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