Change in comment section

Once again a minor update from Instagram. The comment section now can be sort by top comment and recent comment.

Like the topic discussed recently - people buying likes to comment to be on top and gain followers, this will hugely favor them and a big headache for people like me to be able to make sure I replied all comments :frowning:


This has been around on youtube for a long time now and it doesn’t pose a big issue there as far as I know…

I think it’s a double edged sword, as people that buy likes for their comment can be made out easier by Instagram.

Of course there’ll be top-notch providers that will make sure the comments look legit to the algorithms and measures.

But everyone leaves traces over time and data is stored, like, forever? So no worries :smiley:

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I can’t find a place to buy comment likes, correct me if I’m wrong but its not common for people to sell them right?

The feature just got released buddy! :joy:

Noticed that today too.
As said here above, i also think they came up with this feature to make like-comment buyers lives harder.

I agree. For the fake comments, it’ll be easier to make them visible in radar.
Just for normal people, it got difficult to make sure we reply to all comments.

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There are few services which claim they sell likes for comments. But never used them and with the current update, I would not dare to.

I find the “Newest Thing” pretty cool :innocent:

This is just a UI upgrade, nothing to worry about :smile:

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This is good, now you can target the most recent users means they are more likely to follow back!