Change in the structure of impressions

I was having about half of my impressions from profile and from sometime I see that I only get about 10% impressions from profile. I looks that IG doesn’t show my profile to new people if I understand well.

Impressions were really confusing for me as well. From my knowledge, impressions from profile increases if a user visits your profile to like the post.

Did you use any engagement groups in the past and stopped it now?

I am very certain about something changed regarding impression. It really depresses me.

Instagram tests out different features of their app on different accounts and different locations, so there’s a good chance that some users see things way before others while some never get the chance to see them at all if IG HQ doesn’t roll them out…

Saw this when they introduced different story filters for some accounts, or different insights etc.

What I’m noticing now is that a lot of my viral posts gain a lot of impressions from ‘Others’ and I can’t tell what it is as the only way for me to discover a post is through explore, adsor hashtag search.

Some others posted pics about a section in the feed that’s called ‘Recommended for you’…Never saw these though!

I see the recommended for you feed in the discover page but never heard/seen it in my feed.

And yes, for me the explore is rolled into others. Every now and then my hashtag tops out on high performing posts.

Could explain more on “rolled into others”?
Cause my viral posts also gained lots of impressions from others, buy I never know the details about “others”

@HereInMyGarage once explained in another thread with different scenarios of impressions under “other”.

Image 1 - Impressions from profile is counted in OTHER section. The count might be higher here due to powerlikes and engagement group actions.

Image 2 - Impressions from explore is counted in OTHER section.

We don’t know why this is happening.
In general, OTHER is a sum of “shared through DM”, “saved posts”, “number of times your profile name is mentioned in comments”.

Hope this helps!

Look at shared to stories and DM for a great deal of ‘other’ figures. Nobody really knows what it actually is from or how to gauge it except it is high the post is seen by many