Change IP after login


I am using mobile proxies for my customers but the IP are not located in the same country as the Instagram accounts. Therefore, each customer receive a challenge and has to click on this was me and then we can have access to the account.

I am wondering if I could login with another IP which is located in the same country and then switch to the mobile proxy to avoid those verification by Instagram.

Do you know if it safe to do that ?

Thank you.

I use hidemyass for that.

In Hidemyass I put an ip of the country of the account. Once I login, I put a proxy from another side in Jarvee. Of course you have to have the option of “keep proxy …”


@ariel_blanco has a whole tutorial on this, trust him.

Do you rest the account after you switch? Or you just let it start working straight away?

never rest. Inmediatly

This is a great idea indeed. Loved your post. However I am not sure how would you apply it if someone is using a VPS. Don’t you lose access to the vps once you start a vpn on it? Or is there a way to work around it?

@Ariel_Blanco I am not using Jarvee but you are switching IP after the login and have noticed any problem linked to this switch ?

In fact, I use it in a VPS.

You enter the VPS by connecting, for example, mRemoteNG.
Then install HIDEMYASS and put the IP you want.

Because the nature of a proxy functionality, it doesnt change your real network ip, the software make another network and you browse with that one without losing you own.

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They even write about it on the support page of Hide my ass. You can indeed get kicked out of the VPS.

I really want to try it but I am concerned I will lose access to all my clients on vps. Will probably have to do a backup of my jarvee first.