Change LVL3 Title From Regular to Advanced


Hello Team

I wanted to suggest changing the name of the LVL3 title ‘Regular’.

Regular is a synonym for ordinary, and so I don’t think it’s a wise choice of word in this particular instance, as it can imply that the user is a normal member of the community.

Right now, the LVL2Member’ seems more advanced at first glance.

I recommend using the term ‘Advanced’ or something similar instead of ‘Regular’.

We will then have the following heirarchy of titles:

LVL0 - New
LVL1 - Basic
LVL2 - Member
LVL3 - Advanced
LVL4 - Leader
LVL5 - MPsocial Team

This is just my opinion, not sure if the community will agree - but it’s something to consider.

  • Keep User LVL3 Regular
  • Change User LVL3 to Advanced
  • Change User LVL3 to Something Else

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If you chose the third option, please provide a suggestion in the comments if possible.


Hey bud on an unrelated note looked at the link in your bio and it looks amazing good job.


Lvl3 should be removed


Thank you kindly!


What makes you say that?


+1 for this change


Well, at the rate they have been giving out level 3 it really has become “regular” :slight_smile:


Ouch. :sweat_smile:


Maybe if you dont know how to become regular you think it should be called advanced. But when you know how you get lvl3 i see no point in calling it advanced to be honest. Regular fits pretty well. Like regular software user. Makes total sense to me. Of course Advanced sounds cooler - absolutely agree there.


I purely suggested it to give newer users a better idea of and respect for the more advanced users of the forum. It’s not self-explanatory when you see ‘Regular’ next to someone’s name as a new user.


Yes, I like the idea


Yes it would be better than regular


As a recent new user I got mixed up with the levels and what they meant.
Level Three would make much more sense to be Advanced. I’m sure I wasn’t the only N00b to have this mix up.


Why dont just call the levels like lvl1, lvl2, lvl3 since we are always referring to them like that.


This is a nice alternative. Thanks for suggesting!


i would not mind

  • Youngling.
  • Padawan.
  • Knight.
  • Master.
  • Grand Master


Agree to @Tigrisss but from a marketing, POV sounds a bit too simpler for such advanced marketers :slight_smile:


What about Sensei?


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner(s). :laughing:


Lvl 3 users should be able to set a custom title :stuck_out_tongue: