Change to new IG account. Can I still have my old handle/username?

I recently find out that my main account is ghost banned and it seems there is no easy way to lift the ban. So I’ve been doing some thinking and just wondering if switching to a different account would be a good move?

I still want to keep my old handle because it’s been associated with my media presence for so long so what I’m thinking is I would change the main account’s handle to something random (e.g. abc.123 to def.456), then immediately change the spare account’s handle to the main one (abc.23). Not sure if that works or IG wouldn’t let me do it?

P/s: My main account is a business account so I linked it to my Facebook page. Would it be a problem later on if I want to link the spare account to the same Facebook page?

Yes. that can be done on your Instagram. Make sure you changed the username of your old account first so that you can add it on your new account.

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