Changing FB Page's Name

I need a good advice how to change a page name on FB. I tried many times, same response from FB:We weren’t able to approve your request to change your Page name…

I appealed and got the same robotic response from FB.
Can you help?

I just watched this guys instructions on how to change a FB pages name.
Give it ago and see if it works.
Youtube Video

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This one was easy but what about changing it for example from Great Cakes to Delicious Cookies ?

I changed names to three of my pages several times. Here’s what I did.

  1. Request name cha
  2. They will indeed refuse it
  3. Declare on a facebook post the name change to your audience
  4. Appeal clicking the blue button
  5. Message them telling why you need the name change AND linking the aforementioned post

They accepted every time. Pages from 1k to 15k.

Good luck!