Changing Instagram account name?

I have an account with 20K followers built around motoroil, i am thinking of changing the account name. I post mainly pictures of classic cars and virtually nothing with motoroil, so im thinking about a new account name i.e classcicars…or vintagecars… what your views on doing this???

The main problem is that you’ll lose all the mention and photo-tag you gained in the past time

Thanks Zeus,

I didnt think of that :slight_smile:

You can create a new account with the new name you want, change the name on new just a bit, add the new name to the old profile, hit save. BAM. New name.

Go to the new profile, change it to the old name. BAM. Now you have the new name, and your new account has all of the old mentions in it. I’ve done this before so that I can get the names I want but was not ready to use. I’ve never bothered promoting the old names, but I’m sure the tags would still work and point to the new profile.


Haha smart :muscle:Good solution.

Maybe run a contest with your followers and ask them to choose a name or suggest a name, etc. Get them to get share with their friends,. Like the winner gets a profile mention or shoutout, t-shirt with your new profile name, something relatively inexpensive to create, but of value.

This way you can create buzz for your page launch, pick a name, get you followers involved and maybe their friends.

If your campaign goes better than expected approach a sponsor in the classcicars or vintagecars niche for tickets to a car show or something as prize in a contest/draw.

Also check out these links (not my sites) Brand Personality Quiz and this article Does Your Brand Have Multiple Personality Disorder? A Look at Brand Archetypes to shape your “brand” new profile if needed.

Good Luck …