Changing my EB UserAgent

If I change my EB UserAgent so my laptops chrome UserAgent and then do all actions on Jv through EB will changing my EB UserAgent to an actual pc browser instead of using a mobile chrome app?

*Please also note that for some reason when I set all actions to be done through EB I can’t only sign in using the EB I have to also sign in using API, I can tell because when I start doing actions on Jv, I go onto my account and see login activity and I can see I got a login from Windows (EB) and a Samsung phone, why is this?

I think because JV needs both. API to find the right person and make all the scraping process in behind and the EB its just for the action.

So I think if you want that this set up works you have to make a slave account that use the api and log in via phone and send the users to your main account and use just the EB. But in this why you will not post Videos or something just pictures?

API is Phone Log in
Mobile Browser is EB Log In in your case Desktop Browser.

Can you tell me please works the JV tool with the Desktop Browser settings. What you have in “Embedded Browser UserAgent” ?