Changing name of profile - Photo verification


Hi, I’ve bought a few Facebook profiles to test bots, but the problem is with changing the name of the profile. I’ve got one profile per proxy. I let profiles just exist for a few days and still cannot change the name without instantly getting photo verification process.
Is there any way how to pass this process in bulk? Or just low quality buy?


Hey, what is the reason for changing the names? Are you wanting them to sound more real, like English language or something else? Some providers offer them already like this, and some can even get them custom. LikePusher was one that does custom accounts.


Never ever try to change a name on Facebook.

Facebook is NOT Instagram.

On Instagram your name can be anything (i.e. myprettycat) so you can also change it.

On Facebook your name has to be your real name. So once the account has a name, and facebook see that you try to change it, it immediately raises a red flag.

In real life, there are only 2 possibilities of a person changing his name:

  1. When a woman gets married she will usually change her LAST name.

  2. Sometime people decide to change their FIRST name.

But I don’t know of any real life situation when a real person would change his FIRST and LAST name.

So if you do it on facebook, you will likely get banned.

If you must change a name, only change the last name (as if a woman got married). But only if you really must change it.


Witness protection? :smiley: But I’m sure at that point you’d probably be leaving social media behind


Lol,. witness protection


All accounts ve got english names, but I need to rename them for Czech Republic, with english name it’s super suspicious. Anyway thanks for the recommendation, they ve got czech names on the list.


Thanks, make a lot of sense.


Yeah, I’d try to get them made as the correct names, like @benny talked about.

I’d definitely try LikePusher dotcom (skype: likepusher) as they have custom name sets and geographies as needed, and with some pictures. Their accounts seemed good when I was doing Facebook, as far as bought Facebook accounts went they were higher quality. Just know that they have a slower delivery time so you could be waiting for 5 days or so. Just keep on top of them for that.