Changing phone number when doing PV can get you banned?

So guys I read many topics about PV here and can’t find out about this exactly soo here is what I’ve experienced so far to avoid some of you do the same mistake as I did.

You can change the number if your number don’t get the message but you can’t use sequential SIM cards as it will get you banned as happened to one of my own marketing accounts (fortunately not from a client).

Also, the phone number need to be at the same country of the account or it won’t get the code (normally)

Is that a pattern about the sequential numbers? Can someone confirm that?

It makes totally sense to me.

Thank you

The phone number does not have to be located in the same country

I dont think anyone has confirmed it but I would stay away from verifying with sequential sim numbers in bulk to be safe. Spread it out randomly and different days at minimum.

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You just shouldn’t change phone number too often and not using same number for too many IG accounts. 1:1 of course is best. But if you change it once in a while no problems.

I dont think it will be ban because when I get PV, I always use online service to confirm. Sometimes China numbers, sometimes UK number,…(I don’t have too much sim cards). But If you have conditions, just keep your accounts are as stable as you can.

I mean (is on the topic itself) if you use sequential numbers.

To be honest, the average user sometimes changes their phone number. Using sequential numbers could be risky if you are doing PV one after the other while using the sequential numbers but I haven’t seen anyone do it. Thanks for the heads up though.

However, I think that it depends on the number of times the phone number has been used to verify IG accounts and the timeframe between those verifications ultimately.

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I don’t think sequence does matter at all. Just don’t abuse single phone numbers. There are countries where everybody has at least one IG account (on average). So the sequence cannot really matter.

EDIT: and even if so… you can always get a banned account back.

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I think that you won’t when is a marketing or M/S account. Anyways I really think instagram knows when you put a number and use a sequential from that to verify, that is not a normal behavior.

I think you think too much… IG clearly knows who is botting and who is not. Even dirt cheap phone verification still work if you don’t overdo it. And who cares if a slave dies…

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Guess that is right too. I got a bunch of SIM cards to phone verify all my marketing and M/S account, that was the first and last time I’ve tried to use sequential number to verify, wasn’t the standard way I do, normally I choose a totally different number and it work since it’s the same country of the account.

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Exactly! That was never the issue. But knowing it can happen can be useful for the new ones here.