Changing proxies & device IDs

Hello everyone

I’m interested to know the following:

  • How often are you resetting device IDs for your accounts and why?
  • How often are you changing proxies and why?

Please only provide information for choices made after the beginning of June.

never and never.
Because i am working with slave accounts, and its suspicious behaviour.


If everything is okay, I do not move anything :slight_smile:
If it gets blocked, or something bad happens.
Trying to first solve with settings etc.
And at the very end, reset ID or Cookie.
But really in the worst case: D
I never changed the proxy server because there was no need to do so.
It is better not to change the proxy server often, because we can seriously compromise your account.

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Someone in this forum gives me advice that:
Reset device IDs is the last method when you don’t have any idea.
Sometimes, I check how Fresh proxies are on this website to understand my proxies more, If it is a lower score, I will change to another proxy


So how does it know the quality?

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I Guess they have a database to collect spam IPs, kind of

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