Changing the location on TikTok

Hi guys,

It’s me again. I have a question concerning Changing the location so your videos get shown e.g in the US when you are in Germany.

Did anyone figure out a way? I read it’s almost impossible without having a US SIM card or being in the US for a while. Nonetheless I thought it’s worth asking, so if anyone knows a way…spill the tea please :smiley:

Thanks :blush:


Would like to know as well!

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Maybe with VPN ?

Apparently doesn’t work :confused:

what country are you in and what country are you trying to set it to

I’m in Germany - want to be in the US

First i changed my location to USA, later i followed some people from usa and starting looking at their post on a daily basis and now tiktok started to suggest for me people from usa and not from my current location, i guess just change your location and be active watching people from usa and give it sometimes maybe a week.


If you watch US accounts from another country without changing the location still work

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The whole changing your location in the TikTok settings doesn’t do anything, in terms of distributing your content in that specific area you’re setting it to. Hasn’t for some time now.

You can use a VPN but it’s a bit complicating to do each time, and make sure it’s working well.
Getting a local SIM card in the country you want to be in a partial solution, BUT your IP address still pings and they’ll still be able to see where you’re posting from. SO SIM CARD, with a jailbroken phone to spoof your IP is the second best solution. The first one is to just pay someone to post for you on their phone, in an area you’re located in.

Why do you want to be in a U.S. location?


People assume it is the only place in the world where you can sell products on there :roll_eyes: :grinning:


So out of curiosity - if i would fly to the US tomorrow and post from there, would my german followers see the post of would it be shown to the US audience?

I’m in the US for a week now and it didn’t change for me. Still have to get a US SIM so we’ll see if that works.