Charge in crypto or PayPal solutions

Lately I’m not comfortable with paypal (marketing agency), and I was thinking about charging in cryptos and other payment processors.

The question is how do you charge in cryptos, do you take it to your personal wallet, do you use the binance wallet, do you transform those cryptos to nfts, or do you take it to fiat directly?

These are sensitive questions but I know that many around here use cryptos.

And also ask if you have any recommendation of payment processors.

Thank you very much!

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You can also use stripe and wise for normal payments

You can use

Pretty easy to use. You can send invoices, payment requests yourself & the client can pay with whatever crypto he/she wants :slight_smile:

Coinbase has a great crypto payment gateway, and it’s easy to integrate with your website.

I would like to note that my Coinbase business application has been submitted in January and still is pending approval. I don’t know if this is because I have a business in the UK. But over 3 months of waiting since I completed my application with a lot of legal documents they wanted to see.

And zero updates apart from “we’re busy and will get back to you as soon as we can”. Which to me sadly is completely dead in the water.

Really? I’ve opened account 7 days ago and it got confirmed within 5 minutes. Business in the UK same as you have.

You should try again.

I tried several payment options on websites. I know that PayPal sucks. But clients usually pay with PayPal or credit card (using Stripe). If you ad coins less than a percent will use that to pay.

Avois using Paypal at all costs.

They’re stealing their users’ money and once they did, you can pretty much forget about getting it back.

Yes, PayPal is a hassle. We only use them for one off payments and get the money out as fast as possible. Never leave big amounts of money on PayPal.
Stripe is good for subscribtions and daily transfers out to your bank account.
Crypto we do manually and for larger amounts only.
We had Coinbase integration for a while, but the subscriptions never really worked and the fees were too high.
For larger orders we also offer direct IBAN transactions, which is probably the best with zero fees, but trust must have been established. We offer proxies and servers, so it is no issue for us, if there is no payment, we just turn them off :smirk:

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If you sell on web don’t even bother with crypto checkout, rarely anyone normal will pay you with it. If you work with partners and you know each other, then you can ask them for bank transfer or crypto payments.

Stripe and paypal are best without doubt, maybe you might want to mask your website orders so they don’t see you are selling social media services especially not fake followers, likes. But still 1 or few chargebacks (which will happen a lot in this industry) and you will have issues with payment processors.

really? This is really strange