Chargeback Facebook Ads?

I’m seriously starting to consider charging back my last payment of $400 to Facebook Ads (note I spent way more) . The roi was so low from the leads I captured its ridiculous ! I get the best results doing things manually. (Note I was paying only .15-.20 cents per click!)

What do you think will happen? Will they ban me? Or will they not allow me to buy ads again? I’m calling my bank today let me know if I should rethink this decision.

Thank you :slight_smile:

They will just lock your account. What else do you except if you scam them?


I’m really interested in how this will end up. Please keep us updated :smiley:


im wondering whether u did it or not… but imo facebook would claim it as ur own fault and probs either wouldnt refudnd u , or would block ur credit card, address from any future ads even from different accuonts .

I can do this chargeback anyday. My bank does all chargebacks with no problem at all especially if they are digital goods (such as this facebook payment)

Long time ago my bank did auto chargeback on google because they thought it was suspicious I got my money back and nothing happened.

I think they will just have the balance sit on my account untill i pay it. What i hope for is them to not sue me.

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They will probably Block your account / Ban you and possibly sue you for scam. Keep in mind they have headquarters and lawyers in most countries.

They offer the ad spot, the design and wording is up to you. It’s not their fault you fucked up on your end. As much as I dislike Gembook, what you are planning on doing is even more Gemmy.

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At the very least they will block your account, and try their hardest to keep you from promoting on their platform again.

Otherwise it’d be just ridiculous and everyone would be doing it and making free money from the traffic.

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Not too bad for a strategy. Spend 1k do a chargeback change cc buy another account rinse and repeat.

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friend, you succeeded in requesting chargeback facebook ads??