Cheap Domains 0.48 cents / year

Namecheap has very cheap domains for 0.48 cents/year.


Nice. I might use some of these. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I’m using .com domains from Godaddy for 1$ per year!

However, this is very nice too. Thanks for the share :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks! Might register a few junk domains just to have… the smart thing to do would be getting it for 5 years, because they’ll likely go back to the normal price after 1 year, and some of these new TLD’s can be stupidly priced at like $20/year normally… though I didn’t check each one for its regular price, so maybe not.

They are not completely honest. It is not $5.58 for 5 full years. It is 0.48 cents/year for the first year. If you order 5 years you pay $5.58 A YEAR. So 5 times that amount for 5 years.

I said that they are not completely honest. But maybe it is better to say that it is misleading.

It is interesting to register spam domains for landingpages, and just finish after a year. Next year there will be something else which can be registered cheap.


That’s not cool, didn’t read the fine print, but I guess if you wanted to keep the domain in the long run it would be cheaper vs waiting for a $20 renewal cost. And yeah, totally, if they’re just disposable domains then go for 1 year, churn and burn.

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Still wating for black friday on namechep, last year i got 3 hosting, 4 domain, 3 ssl certificate with $ 0.99 each…

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Sorry, old post but how you guys buy it for 1$ per year. Every time when i check it it’s much more.
Need XX domains .com

check namecheap they have some extensions for 0.48$ + icann fee

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I need .com :pray::pray:

Here you see. You can use this coupon code: cjc99com, it still works. Just change from the standard 2 years to 1 year!

Yes it works now but just 1 domain.
Need 50~x

All different accounts/mails is possible but will it work if i all pay with just 1 PP acc?
Dont have other PP accs.

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Unfortunately it won’t work with only 1 account. :frowning:

Do i need more PP accs for this?

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I use my creditcard and it works with it. I’m not sure about the Paypal accounts. You could try it yourself