Cheap proxy for Instagram?

Hello I just starting Instagram journey with Jarvee and planning to grow 10+ niche insta account by f/uf. I tried proxy6[dot] net ip4 proxy for insta but I saw many people not recommend it . can anyone suggest me some good cheap proxy provider works fine with insta ? Tbh I can’t afford 4g proxy atm :slight_smile:
thanks in advance

don’t buy cheap bro. cheap are not best and best are not cheap.

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well, the best choice is indeed 4G proxies they will keep your account safe for a long period of time other than that you will have issues with other proxies, you can check #public-marketplace for different providers try to get one from each to test and see what is the best for your account.

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You can try Highproxies or check with @HenryCooper about his proxies. I think one of those two options should work fine for you.

No such thing as cheap proxies.

how many accounts i can run on mobile proxy ? and do you recommend any provider ?

That solely depends on your settings, and what you do with those accounts.
Check the #public-marketplace - lots of providers there :slight_smile: