Cheapest & best vps for jarvee scraping?

Hey guys, im running jarvee on my loptop currently, but i want to scrape non stop so i have a question: what vps do you recommend as cheapest & best quality? Let me know please!

try hetzner VPS, not cheap but good quality.

Contabo is a good combination of quality and price as well.

Why you are not getting 32 GB Ram Desktop with SSD? I swear I saved so much money that way instead of paying 100$/month per VPS.

Now I just have my computer X4 which costed 400$ -500$ each to build lol. Way cheaper in long run


I recommend you ruweb . Very cheap, but you need Windows to install and configure it yourself

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If you have constant use for it then sure, if you need 1 server for a week, and then 10 servers for a month then it doesn’t really make sense of buying the hardware, electronics like GPUs and CPUs don’t really age that well(resell value wise), plus you have to take electricity costs into account, that can be 20-50$/month.
Also you need a place to keep them, in hot climate locations it can become a real issue.
All that said I’m still a big fan of having windows servers close to me, just because I don’t like RDPs.
For Linux servers, only remote.

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$100 a month for a VPS? You can rent a dedicated server in a datacentre for $30-35 a month.

That’s much cheaper than buying the hardware yourself and paying for electricity.


The only thing is perhaps some users want to shut down during the night and to leave Jarvee performing even over the night.

Really? I didn’t know that, I always paid 100$ from Green server or w/e their name for 32GB Ram and 500 GB SSD

Where did you find for 30$? For 30$ it’s definitely better

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Hetzner is around that price but €30-40

thanks for the recommendation I will check that :+1:

is their website only available in Russian? I can’t find an option to change the language to English.

I have to agree to your statement. Specially here where i live electricity is not cheap. Neither is computer hardware. Lucky those who can manage having all that for no price.

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+1 for Contabo. $13 VPS runs the Jarvee 30 account plan easily


I suggest contabo, I have used so many times, they are just superb with good prices. At $34.99 they offer 10 core cpu, 60GB RAM, 1.6TB SSD, 1Gbps Network port. No one other is Providing this config at this price. Just try once with the basic $6.99 VPS it has 4 cores, 8GB RAM, 200GB SSD, it can handle around 50 accounts with jarvee easily. Already tested not to worry just go ahead.


They actually are way cheaper than hetzner. Is windows server free on that or do you have to buy a key?

Windows OS is extra charged. Check in OS selection section may be

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Do you know if you can custom install like on hetzner?

I don’t know actually because I never required to install Custom os in VPS. But just ask in Support. They will reply in short time.

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Its way cheaper to just buy a key and custom install. Hetzner tries to charge a monthly windows fee so using your own makes it cheaper.

May look into this one if I need a second vps