Cheapest IG growth per 100k?

Hey guys which agency or growth service charges the least amount per 100k growth? It seems like everyone’s growth is equally bad in terms of failing to increase engagement (comments, likes, storyviews dont increase) so at this point I may as well get the cheapest service there is

10$/k with the right campaign growth suppliers

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wait $10 per 1k??

You can probably get very cheap followers if you go indians based sources. But, if you want leads or buyers. Prepare to pay a lot as it won’t grow as fast.


yeah, mainly us based but as you mentioned yourself {bad|failing to increase engagement|cheapest service there is}

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only way for that really is the mother/child strategy right? Haven’t really seen anything else that has engagement

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Yeah mother/ child does work, BUT the main account needs to be worth engaging with in the first place. Otherwise people won’t

Exactly, i agree with you

lol a year later! Still applies though

There are ways usally