Cheapest smm service/provider for instagram followers/likes

Hello guys! Do you know the cheapest intagram followers and likes provider? I know for example followiz, but thinking, maybe there is something cheaper…

I would like followers and likes to be without drop or very little like 1-5%. And followers i would like to pay let’s say 4-5$ per 1000 followers. Would it be realistic?

You ask 1000 followers for 4-5$ … it not realistic for sure.

think about it.for instagram growths, to be 90% safe…you need to use 1 mobile proxy, that costs are from $50 / per max 5 accounts… DC or residential not works anymore , maybe. just maybe if you have luck.

1000 followers – you’ll be achieve in 2 months…

correct price for 1000 organic and targeted followers is between 50-$100

my man, i think he’s looking for fake followers

Yes im looking for fake(bought) followers which would have low drop rate and would be fast,like 5-10k per account per day

where can i purchase organic and targeted?

Just another panel is the cheapest one. They are the largest SMM panel and generally have the cheapest prices but if you shop around at 10-15 different panels then you may find a cheaper price. I usually put in a ticket and ask them to match the price on the other panel and they usually do but its because of my spendings I think with JAP, so that may not work for you.