Cheapest way to open more Instagram accounts for affiliate


Hello dear MPSocial members,
This is my first time I’m posting so, first of all, I would like to thank everybody that contribute to the forum, I am learning a lot every day.

My name is Dimitry and I developed Residential proxy.
I have around 4k proxies and I run 304 Instagram accounts in different niches.
I opened the accounts via sim cards, and I’m looking for a cheaper and easier way to open more accounts and use my proxies on them.

During the blocking parade in the last 2 weeks, I had only 10% of my account blocked, from what I saw online im in a great position compared to many people getting more than 80% blocked accounts.

I would really like to get some tips about how I can open 4k accounts and use my proxies on them, would really appreciate any feedback and help from you guys.

Have a good one:)


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

@Paulie006 has some very affordable accounts which can fit your needs.


You can just use mails, method is in the forum both lvl 1 and 2.
If you know already how to monetize those, probably it’s better to buy them, there are many seller and will save you time.


I’m lazy so personally i would just buy some decent accts from someone here! Welcome btw :slight_smile:


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Actually recently got a trial of a few of your accts @Paulie006 . Working well for me so far! I’ve also tested @grown @Bartholomeo @aditya15417 too all good :slight_smile:


Hey Dimitry, can I use your proxies?


hi dimitri, welcome.
4k Accounts right?
So in my opinion and from my test 1 mobile proxy (the best option for now) = 10-15 accounts
You need 267 mobile proxy.
You can get mobile proxy for 20$/month in other forum
so you will need 5000$ per month (fro proxy) + jarvee + VPS
Thats a rough calculation.
You can get discount offcourse if you order in bulk qty.


I have for now 4k residential proxies I develop them and I pay for them around $500 in month - that’s all
I just need way to open 4k accounts fast as I can or somebody who can help me with this how make money fest with spamming Instagram
yestarsay I open 30 accounts with gmails without set settings so it’s very slow


You should test different email providers. In some of my accounts, I have never received a single PV!

And if we take into account the new limits, you should give this a try!


Very interested how did you develop those 4k resi proxies? Do you mind sharing?


I would also love to know?


This is my litttel startup this is not something I can explain I work on this around a year
You can try them if you wish they do great work with Jarvee and They really can help people here