Check if account is shadowbanned

Hi there,

Can Jarvee add a feature that will check if the account is shadowbanned from following? Shadowbanned means that the account will follow @DonaldJTrump, but @DonaldJTrump won’t get a notification that the account followed him.

It can easily be done by just following a random account that exists in Jarvee, and check if that account got a notification that he got followed. I think this will make Jarvee the #1 tool for Twitter botting out there, as no other tool can do this at the moment.

You can see an account is shadowbanned by simply searching for it ; it won’t appear as it should in the search.

Restricted profiles / Temporary locked accounts are something else too, and can be checked on the profile page directly.

In my experience that’s not the case after many tests. An account might not appear in search but can still follow & send notifications.

The other way around is also true, as much as both might be experienced at the same time.

If your tweets still get some reach, it’s not a SB, it’s more related to a “soft action” blocked itself. They also possibly have some different level of SB with mass following strategies, which actually won’t surprise me. Just saw a few action blocks until now, nothing more tho.

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Actually I did additional tests and you’re right. If the account is SBd it’ll not appear in search. This means that it’ll be very easy for JV devs to add a feature that autochecks if an account is SBd or not. Hopefully they’ll be able to add this feature :pray:

Yup, it can be fetched without even going to the profile. Rather easy