Check list to make sure when buying aged accounts

apart from email , password, phone number , is there any items we should look at / take care of when buying aged accounts.

i believe knowing about what proxies were used will also help the account from getting banned.

I don’t think you will get phone number

some sellers include the phone number they used to “PVA”.

just don’t buy pva accounts as you will have to pv anyway so it’s a waste of money.


Aged accounts without any activity on then are no better then fresh accounts, it could even be a red flag, just think about it, here you have a account that was idle for 3 months and all of the sudden it is going in full gear, following, liking, commenting…

If i was a IG programmer that for me would be a massive red flag seen how people are selling aged accounts because they are perceived more valuable, and from my experiences you don’t have any benefit of idle aged accounts.

But that is just me


Activity pattern of the account is definitely a factor. Even if it’s old you can’s start posting into 100 groups the next day, you still need to take it easy, maybe you can go a little faster than a new account but not too much.


I am interested in buying a small aged account, any suggestions on the trusted markeplace?

You can check out the public marketplace section on this forum Public Marketplace - MP Social There are plenty of account sellers here.