Check out this Instagram alert that appeared at my login screen. Tools used: Jarvee

I am not alarmed because I have gotten blocks before but I have never seen Instagram prompt me to change my password like this before. Should I be alarmed?

it is a new wave in the Instagram Security World … check this out

My dude your link is broken

You are literally using a tool that does everything that you can read in the Message from IG. Are you really surprised you got this?
If you haven’t used anything else there is no need to worry IMO

Oh I am sorry… you do not have level 2 access


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it is running fine, i should’ve changed password on an embedded browser rather than my iphone for a simpler process.

Stop using jarvee or other automation tools and change your pass… This warning show to users who automate accounts since 2,3 months ago… You can continue but you risk getting account banned.

Change pass, rest 24-48h, resume botting


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