"Check that you entered the right code", entering the right code 100%

I’ve got EMAIL CONFIRMATION status for IG account on Jarvee.
Verified it in EB without any issues, but every time it gets back to EMAIL CONFIRMATION status and doesn’t let me verify it. Every time I request for an sms it comes without any problem and when I enter the code, it says “Check the code you entered, failed”. So IG asnwers that the code is not correct, but IT IS. Tried to reset the device and clean cookies - did not helped.

  1. Did anyone meet such issue? It is something new for me
  2. Any advises how to pass through this?

Update: one more account with the same issue

FINAL UPDATE* : checked with a good dozen of aged accounts and a few high quality LTE proxies. 100% sorted out that in case you get such error, that means only one thing: too much accounts on 1 proxy. Even the same code will work and make account VALID on another proxy.

Will leave this topic here. Probably it will save nerves and time for somebody.

Give it a hold.
Wait for 2-7 days and try again :slight_smile:
I have noticed myself that clients, as they do not do F / U for a month, then statics have risen up.
Of course, plus other methods.
But for 3 days I see that the IG has changed something in algorithms because 95% of my clients, as I wrote above.
They have really great statistics that they never had.
They now add photos every day and in a few minutes a really large number of likes and comments are collected and their photos are sent to TOP hastags

Sorted out with the issue and updated the topic. Looks like it is a new kind of block from IG to prevent too many accs connected to one proxy.

Yes, I mentioned a looooot of changed during last 2-3 days as well.

Do you think it is related to updates or less competitors because of blocks/bans etc.?

Were you using DC proxies? And more account/proxy?

Never use DC proxies for IG,
use only residentials or 4g proxy
residential proxies you pay for consumption,
about 15-20$ for GB, 4g very fast, avoid 90% PV but expensive for IG.

I have about two dozens of aged accounts that do work on DC proxies without having any issues : no blocks, no bans, but PVs from time to time.

LTE proxies are too expensive.

The issues this topic is about is related to LTE proxies.

By the way, how many accounts can work on 1 clean high quality LTE proxy?

I am not doing clients anymore from the month of F / U and for 3 days they have grown statistic very much. If they upload a photo, they really have a lot of interest and often get into the top hasztag. I do other methods. It tests one account using the F / U method and so far everything goes well. I have a feeling about F / U. That if you have a lot of accounts on JARVEE or other program you will experience blockages. If you have one account, I work without any problems. But these are just my assumptions. I did not check any more accounts because I do not have time for that now and I do not want to get angry :slight_smile: You can try. Remove all clients from the system. Leave one account and see if it works correctly. Of course, take a break of 1-3 weeks. I made a month. Regards <3