Check your newer Jarvee profiles for api call optimization

Hello everyone

Just a cautionary message in case you missed it. If you picked up on it then that’s great.

I noticed a while back that new instagram accounts added to Jarvee would automatically have the option ‘optimize api calls to do more actions’ checked on their profile. Jarvee themselves explain that this is a risk if you hover over the option.

I recommend checking if you missed this on newer accounts - I was fortunate enough to pick up on it fairly early on, but it is still happening every time I add new clients.

Given the light of recent circumstances, we should be as careful as possible.

I personally have had no issues reaching my daily targets without this option checked on all accounts. Rather refine your settings if you’re not hitting daily goals - which shouldn’t be difficult at this point given the new implied limitations.


Thank you very much

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@embraceone Good call.

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Doesn’t this just stop searching if it takes too long and restarts the tool again? If so, why is this bad?

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It’s most likely going to reduce the interval between api calls, or just ignore certain parameters in order to make more - which should be a red flag.

It’s important to note that the ‘Abort Search’ functionality underneath it has nothing to do with the API call optimization option.

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anyone noticed a difference with it on or off?

no difference :frowning:

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The accounts you’re getting blocks with, how many follow actions are they doing daily and what proxies are they on out of curiosity?

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what timeframe are you comparing?

Thank you for this thread, hadn’t even noticed the option ticked for my new profiles.

Don’t know if it makes a difference but better be safe

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Please remove your affiliate link.

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Yeah the data-center proxies must have something todo with it, I would move your accounts over to mobile proxies as soon as possible bro. However having said that, mobile proxies doesn’t mean you will have 0 problems, I am currently having a few accounts with blocks on mobile proxies, hoping it’s just an API problem and jarvee will roll out an update to fix it, because my account getting issues are WAY below the limits and on very safe settings so starting to loose ideas of what could have caused it!

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Just noticed this today while adding accounts and really was wondering why this option is by default above all in this period where we have big issues with API calls!!!


Happened to me too, why would it be on by default?