Checking when the account is warming up, what should I do?

Good day. Please tell me, I set the account to warm up the old one, I warm it up for a week, I do the viewing of the stories I save publications. Comes every few days by mail or SMS. Because of which? How to avoid this?image

What comes up?

i’m not sure what you are asking here, can you please be more specific.

Do you mean you keep getting email verification/phone verification on your account while warming up your account using Save Posts and Story Viewer tool?

Are you using a scraper account?

This block is the main account. I’m just warming it up. But the block is stuck. Of course I use a scrub.
1 proxy 4 g per 1 account.
I checked clean proxies.
The account is already 6 years old.
I did not use the promotion and decided to try again and warm it up and then stop again (

Did you rest your account in the new proxy or did you warm it up right away?

Try to let the account rest for at least 24 hours, then start again with lower settings.

The proxy is already warmed up like a fortnight

I just can’t understand the most important thing because of what it appears to confirm my identity, maybe I can do more breaks every day?

Do you use the account manually on your phone at the same time? Which other tools are running aside from Save Posts and Story Viewer?

Of course not! The account is only in the program on the PC. Full Browser Exp still works and that’s it. I think can include random actions?

Again there are bans on other accounts because of what else could there be? I pause two times a week.

What’s the message when you hover over that yellow mark in Tools tab?


And a mail check is requested a couple of times a week.

that status will show if you have these options checked, once you unchecked them the Delayed status should disappear