Child account too many Captchas

I’ve been doing Mother/Child for a while now. For several months it has been working with no issues. I use many different tools with the correct warmup and hardly receive any Temporary Blocks at all. Now, all of a sudden, I am having an issue where my child accounts are getting Captcha, particularly on 1 server. No Temporary Block, just straight up Captcha.

Some of the accounts have been running a week or two, some of them have been running for months successfully, so it is not an account issue. They are not being banned in sequence (not due to IG linking them together)

Checking API errors/calls log, accounts seem to get Captcha after Following users somewhere down the line - current settings is operations between 12 and 25 minutes, increasing with the upper number with just 1 a day until 1-15 per operation. Previously this has worked well as if I leave delays longer, the child acc wont reach 200 follows in 12 hours.

However these settings are working mostly for the other server without many bans. Let me know your thoughts.

A lot of IG accounts have gotten hit by captchas recently. It seems impossible to know what exactly could trigger the captchas. Some people think the number of API Calls the accounts make is what causes the Capctha issue. But I’ve got accounts with minimal settings that have been hit by Captchas. They seem very random. The only thing we can do now is enable API limits with the hope that fewer accounts will have Captcha status and hope this IG wave will be gone soon.

You can enable API limits in Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram or in the account’s advanced settings.

The settings above are recommended by the support.


Appreciate the response. I will implement these API limits on the Child’s, hopefully it helps at least reduce the numbers until the election is over!

Off topic, but if Instagram believes that these measures have helped slow down automation, why will they stop these waves even after the elections! I think we need to find better ways somehow ASAP. Good news is that, MP team seems to be working on scrapping using the EB!

Some regular people, who never used automation are also getting those errors and some accounts are getting banned - I hope IG won’t be dumb enough to continue this way and make accounts banned from time to time, even if you are a regular user.

That makes sense! If real people are getting affected as well because of this, then it might be a ray of hope certainly

Yes scraping on the EB sounds good. Maybe I should change my child accs to EB since they are all on API emulation

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Yeah, those issues are hitting many child/scraper accounts. Only thing you can do is to apply API limits and use more Scraper accounts so API calls get divided between your scraper accounts.

Anyone got a solution for limiting Captchas on childs yet? Still seems to be a problem.

Dealing with same problem mate from past few days! we need to test our all settings atleast thats what we can do.
doing some split tests might help :no_mouth:

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