Child Panel on Instagram

Can you guys explain to me exactly what a child panel is? Is it of any benefit?

It doesn’t mean anything to me. Probably a term SMM panels might use in order to overrate the quality of their accounts


Child panel means that the SMM panel you are checking will allow you to create another panel and resell their services on your website just like they do. This is popular on some SMM panels such as JAP (Justanotherpanel which I highly recommend to stay away from because of scams, ultra low quality services and accounts, bad support, non delivered orders etc.)

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Thanks @iki for the great explanation. Was wondering the same thing.

Child panel is an SMM reseller that is affiliated with another SMM panel. They sell at a higher price than the mother panel (the original SMM panel)

Good to know, thanks for the info guys!

A SMM panel that’s using other SMM panel services. Usually it’s more expensive as they need to profit as well somehow

yes that is correct it work like an affiliate type of thing, and it will allow you to re-sell their services.

Any recommendations on panels, I’ve always used them and Tupanda. Thank you in advance.

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