Chris.Waller - The.Royal.Blueprint

Chris.Waller - The.Royal.Blueprint

Royal Blueprint Course

Don’t waste anymore time and money trying to figure out how to make dropshipping work, when you can follow a proven system, step-by-step.

The Royal Blueprint consists of a ‘course’ section with hours of A-Z content that will take you from zero to six figures, quickly.

You will also get access to a ‘reveal all’ case study, showing behind-the-scenes of how I took a new product to $120k in the first 6 days with an image ad!


Beginner Friendly A-Z content

The best methods to find 6-7 figure products

How to create a professional store that people actually buy from

10+ products that have generated over 6 figures

Hours of screen-share content of me killing & scaling ads

Behind the scenes content showing how I took an image ad to $120k in the first week

Facebook Ad techniques to scale to $10k+ days

Direct access to my private agent who currently gives me 8-10 day shipping (50 daily sales required)

And so much more…

You’ve most likely spent too much money testing products without getting results. If you follow through with all of the content, and implement the information provided, you will get results, and you will achieve financial freedom.

Course index:

  • Introduction (3:42)

A-Z OUTLINE / Going From Scratch to Six Figures

  • Watch This Before Testing Another Product (3:24)
  • A-Z Outlline / Overview (14:24)
  • Picking A Winning Product to Sell (2:23)
  • Setting Up Your Backend (4:28)
  • What Makes a Good Domain Name? (8:29)
  • Buying Our Domain Name (3:24)
  • Finding Other Stores With Your Product (11:54)
  • Creating Impulsive Ad-copy (2:20)
  • Finding Content Online to Use In Your Ads (4:49)
  • Creating a Professional Video Part 1 (4:49)
  • Creating Impulsive Text to Put in Your Video (3:46)
  • Creating a Professional Video Part 2 (adding the text) (6:16)
  • Designing Your Store for Conversions (8:46)
  • Setting Up Your Facebook Page (1:43)
  • Setting Up Your First Ad – My Personal Testing Strategy (8:39)
  • How to Test New Creatives (ad copies / thumbnails) (7:40)
  • Figuring Out Which Interests to Target When Testing (7:39)
  • How to Calculate Your BER and Why It’s Important (2:43)
  • When To Kill & Scale Your Adsets (4:42)
  • Getting Your First $1000 Day – Horizontal Scaling (3:31)
  • The Key to 5 Figure Days – Vertical Scaling (2:22)
  • How to Stay Profitable (2:41)

Filling in The Gaps

  • What it Really Takes (8:41)
  • Winning Product VS Winning Marketing (4:28)
  • Is Dropshipping Going to Die Soon? (5:42)
  • General vs Niche vs OPS (7:37)
  • Getting a Free Professional Logo (2:43)
  • Increase Conversion Rates With a Custom Checkout Logo (3:12)
  • Getting Stripe as A Payment Processor (3:50)
  • Should You Use Paypal? (2:12)
  • What Pages Should You Have on Your Store (3:15)
  • Apps You Need on Your Store (3:48)
  • Choosing a Trustworthy Color Scheme (6:50)
  • Why you get Traffic but No Sales (4:16)
  • Winning Product Criteria (8:32)
  • Aliexpress Product Research Method (13:00)
  • Alishark Product Research Method (8:19)
  • Product + Shopify Research Method (10:50)
  • Ecom Hunt Product Research Method (5:55)
  • How to Price Your Products (5:04)
  • How to Have ‘Good Customer Service’ (3:31)
  • Bulk Fulfilling Your Orders With an Agent (3:05)
  • Creating Multiple Ad Accounts (IMPORTANT) (3:08)
  • Does Your Store Look Good Enough? (9:02)
  • What to do about Negative Comments on Your Ads (2:04)
  • When to File Your LLC (2:59)

CASE STUDY / $0-$120k in 6 Days

  • INTRO (5:58)
  • Setting up Pages On The Store (4:17)
  • Getting the Logo and Domain (2:32)
  • Setting up the Pixel (1:53)
  • Importing Products and Designing the Store (5:20)
  • Creating the Product Descriptions (3:26)
  • Creating the Facebook Page (1:43)
  • Creating The First Ads (10:03)
  • Finding Interests for the First Adsets (10:53)
  • Day 1 of Running Ads (5:04)
  • Hiring a Customer Service Pro (4:40)
  • Scaling from $900 to $14k in One Day (52:19)

Days 2-5 of Managing and Scaling are Being Uploaded Currently


  • ePacket Countries List
  • 21x ROAS Case Study
  • $1M+ in Ad Spend with 4X ROAS
  • Automatic Comment Moderation


  • Testing With CBO
  • Scaling With LLA’s
  • Basic Re-targeting Strategy
  • Custom Audiences & Lookalikes
  • Scaling Into Multiple Ad Accounts
  • When to Move on From a Product
  • Triple Threat Re-targeting (advanced)
  • Six 6 Figure Ads and Why They Worked
  • What to do if Your Ads Get Disapproved

You don’t need previous experience with drop shipping. He will guide you from A-Z.

If you apply all of his advice and you don’t stop you will earn a lot of money.


Hey friend, amazing share, though, did you see that some parts are missing? are they been uploaded or got corrupted? find below the ones aren’t there:

  • What Makes a Good Domain Name? (8:29)
  • Buying Our Domain Name (3:24)
  • Creating The First Ads (10:03)
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