Christian apparel/music influencers

Hi all. My niche is the Christian graphic tee industry. I’m wondering if any of you know about a good website that can drill down on top Christian influencers? Thanks!

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Did you Google? It took me 2 secs for these results:


Jesus is the best influencer my friend, and my thread is the way to create stunning content just in a minute. Hopefully it can help you spread the joy.

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I appreciate that Marie! I’ve seen those as well. Those are general mainstream Christian IG influencers though. My brand is much edgier and non-mainstream though and a lot of mainstreamers are not into our line. We’ll prob just have to stick with the Christian Rap/Rock/Metal scene as that appears to be our market.

Our IG is @rowdyjesusclothingco

I just laughed so hard, but its so true.


You can also search for hashtags like christianrap, christianrock, etc in Instagram and see if any relevant accounts pop up. Good luck

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Sounds like you should create your own influencer network/agency around Christian apparel/music, try hashtags like christianentrepreneur or this article:

I use content studio to find influencers but there’s tons of apps that can do it too.