Classified ads poster recommendation?

Do you have any recommended tools (and strategies :slight_smile: ) for also getting classified ads traffic?

Most of us are oriented towards social media marketing :slight_smile: but there must be someone who has experience with this since most of us also tried to succeed in all kinds of Internet marketing categories.

Let’s see if there’s anyone with experience in posting on classified ads sites.


Ad missile is free looks good but also complicated, download it and was going to start posting to craigslist with it but decieded to use MP and post to Craigslist FB groups instead


Nice twist there :slight_smile: and damn good decision :smiley:

Yes you can and you could put the same you are using for other marketing, at the end you need the reach and people view, real images and content within info-graphic content let the user hold on page and the conversion is high.

But focus on viral tag lines rather same old style , at the end word also matter

Curious… how did you post to craigslist via MP?