Clean your sources with my Soft (gift for all)

Good afternoon everybody.

In my company we generate a small software that serves to clean the list of sources that we put in Jarvee. What it will do is identify which have bot followers and which have real followers. Only keep those accounts that have real followers.

Basically it is testing each source in IGAUDIT.IO and returns a clean list.

The process is simple. First you must make a .txt file with the sources, for example Restaurants.txt. In there you will put all the sources.

On the other hand, you will have to make a .txt file to save the clean ones, for example RestaurantsClean.txt

Let’s start:

The first thing to do is to run the TrinaClean.exe soft

Request that you upload the list with the sources. Then load the first list. After that you will have to put the destination list, where only the clean ones will remain.

After that, it will ask you to indicate what percentage of real followers must have each source to belong to the clean list. I always put 70% there.

And that’s it, you just have to leave the soft work.

I hope this will ease your work and be useful to you.


virustotal link


Should probably post a VirusTotal link as well, not sure if people should randomly download exe’s these days.

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Anything to extract clean sources automatically from a source? Seems like it has a good purpose yet you’ll still have to manually add all sources one by one

I haven’t checked it out but hoping you could just copy and paste the sources from the file over into Jarvee. If so for sure a nice quick tool to double verify sources.

In the final archive you have the clean sources for copy and paste in jarvee.

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But is IGaudit a valid place to check for “clean” sources? I read on this forum that it only screens 200 people from a given account and that it somehow is useless? I would appreciate your knowlegde on this, as I my self is looking for a good way to clear out good sources from bad.
Thank you

In my experience if the account is over 70% os usefull

Igaudit is not exactly but run good for have a reference.

Great thank you. So over 70% it’s good to go.
Nice to know :pray:

People who buy bots in general have between 25% at 69%

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I do try to open your exe file, but nothing happens.

Can you detail a bit more where we put this list ?


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it opened my firefox broswer into igaudit? any idea how this works

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i get error after it opens the igaudit on action

Hello !

Any news on your software, how to make it work for the peeps out there please ? ^^

Thank you for your time.

Hey @Ariel_Blanco - I was looking for something like that, is there a way I could get access to your SW?

Thx for your help in advance! :+1:

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Nice! Thank you for your software! And what do you mean by good source? If you analyze only a sample data, it is not accurate. I myself use a software where you input for example 100 Instagram accounts (follow sources) and then it tells me what are the percentages of ghost followers each source has. If it has a lot of ghost followers (let’s say >80%), then I don’t use that account as a follow source bcz it probably have a lot of fake and non-engaging users. Let me know if you use the same approach or not :slight_smile: Thank you!

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hey pow, sounds interesting, you have the name of the SW?

thx + best :+1:

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This is my private custom tool :slight_smile:


got it - keep going :muscle:

if you like to share let me know, thx

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