Cleaning mass phone numbers in Jarvee

I know there’s an option in Jarvee to select a large number of accounts and queue removal of phone numbers in those account bios.

My question is, does Jarvee do a bio update even if no number needs to be removed or is it smart enough to skip over updating an account that doesn’t need a number update?


automated updating.

I appreciate the attempt but that doesn’t really answer my question at all.


I would like to suggest you to change the right question.

I had asked if a number of accounts are selected in Jarvee and queued to remove phone numbers in the account. Will it do a bio update to all the selected accounts (even if a number doesn’t need to be removed) or is it smart enough to skip over bios that don’t have a number in them.

Considering there’s two answers to the question:

  1. It skips over bios that don’t have a phone number
  2. It updates all the selected bios regardless if a number is present or not

The answer: automated updating is a worthless answer and irrelevant to the question. No need to be a dick about it when I point that out to you

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This is actually a really good (and clear? Lol) question and I would also like to know the answer. Hoping someone knows what’s up.

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It will send the same request it sends when you click on ‘Edit Profile’ to check for the number and if it does not exist then it will not update anything. You can try that by trying that for one account without a number and checking the log afterwards.