Click funnels sales funnel

hi :slight_smile:
anyone here have a good converting sales funnel to share?

I’m starting with click funnels and i wanna sell physical products from aliexpress

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find another product in your space that you KNOW is killing it

record your screen while you buy their product.

notice any email followups or ads following you around.
(also note the upsells in the back-end which often multiplies and grows a business geometrically)

thats how Russel B started clickfunnels.

Do the same

model what works

Also, you can just use the default templates from clickfunnels.
Conversion will be determined by quality of traffic you send.

But start somewhere.


Do you use ig for sales funnels?

Yes, IG is a traffic source. Also, a place to engage with your fans.

So before they jump outside of IG, give them some value through your posts.

I even see some people record their screen of what’s on the other side after clicking the link in their bio.

Reduces the friction of clicking the link.

If youre selling products via ecom

  • show product in action
  • benefits of product
  • try and get ppl to engage with your post before asking for a sale
  • share testimonials in posts / stories (highlight them)
  • Get bloggers to review / or do sponsorships for the products

An Ecom account I love seeing is:


Thanks man :slight_smile:

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You are going down the right path friend.

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Well said. He’s right . That’s what Russell did

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