Click in Bio to Profile Visit Ratio

I have an account receiving 16k profile visits a week but only 20 clicks in link. I wanna know if this is a common number or very low. and how i can improve ( NOT CPA)

What´s your content to bring attention to the link? If you really have 16k visits but only 20 clicks then it´s really low

its a link for paying for shoutouts

If I were you I’d try to make the link be to an article or something that can add value in regards to shoutouts. Such as “2018 tips to buying and using shoutouts” and have that be the attention grabber. Make the article short, but value additive. Then at the top, middle, and bottom of the article have links to if people want to purchase shoutouts from you. What this does will establish your credibility and create higher conversions when people do click, but also give people a reason to click other than just to purchase shoutouts. Hope this helps!


thanks man great idea gonna try that

i would really like to know aswell! I am an artist and post a drawing each day and also the making of video in youtube. I have the link of my youtube channel on my BIO and on the instagram post i say "Learn how to draw this: Link in bio"but still i dont get much traffic on my youtube

You gotta learn marketing mate.
They like to see,share,repost whatever if your content is good.
But how many people out there are really interested in learning how to draw.
I love art but i wouldn’t click you link if thats your cta.

If you want more clicks to your youtube just promise them something exciting after the link and actually give them something.

You could draw something for like 30% and tell them the full image is behind the link.
A special,giveaway aka you draw someones picture for free etc.
Or just tell them that your best images are really behind the link on youtube whatever…
So many possible angels you could test.


thank you for the suggestions!! I will give it a go :slight_smile:

I’ve struggled with this, too, on IG more than FB. My current link goes to a big piece of content I’ve developed (I’d rather not get into the specifics) and it works, but my posts are often—if not always—references to the link. You can’t visit my Instagram and not know that the link is there. I think that helps. That being said, what do I know? I don’t have that many followers.

you would be better of with cpa to be honest hahaha, out of 14k visits per week I get around 2.4k clicks( and this is on a really shitty old niche, imagine in a goldmine how much the convertion rate would be)

Yeah maybe the niche its not the best for cpa

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