Click on Need More help = Help Center

My account was hacked about 20 days ago and i am trying to recover it but i can not reach the “Hacked account form” which needs to be filled to get the email from Instagram.

In the instructions it clearly says that click on need more help and enter username and click on i don’t have access to this email and phone number and it redirects to the form.
I personally have seen this form many times for my other account but for this particular account it does not show to any form at all.

A member in this forum have done this for me 1 time in past and they asked me to send the picture and i sent it but they rejected the picture.
I tried to reach him again but i think he does not want to help more so i have no way other than posting here.

If someone have any idea please help me.

I don’t have access to the support request form for all accounts too, so I always enter the same username every time I want to submit the form. You should enter your other account in the username field, then submit the form for the account which got hacked.


Thanks i will try it now again.
Because i have tried this method once they rejected first.
Thanks alot.