Clickable Link on Tiktok?

Has anyone discovered any way to put clickable link in DM/Bio on tiktok?

It randomly gets added to your account. Make sure your app is up to date, as well.

is it really random @oolongo?

I thought it was different follower ranges, but it honestly seems random. It is like when Insta tries out new features for certain demos

I got it when I joined TikTok Testers. Once I switched back to the normal app, the option disappeared.

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I’ve heard that as well, but people who don’t do that get it as well.

Beta test is already removed … lets see if they are going to put that feature in the upcoming days or noo

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I have it in edit profile!

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yes I thought that as well, thanks for the clarification :+1:

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How much followers do u have ?

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I got the clickable link after 1000 followers. No botting :slight_smile:


This seems so random. I hear so many different theories.

TikTok is still a mystery. Nothing surprises me after seeing a verified account with 318 followers.

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Lol what account was that?q

They made a video saying they’ve been verified since Musically.

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i have 120K followers

i got it immediately after reaching 1k followers… not 1,001 … exaclty at 1k.

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does this happen for every user with 1k followers or is it random? and what can you do if you dont get it at 1k

These are the exact steps I did…

Opened account. Signed up for the beta program. Gained 1k followers, and it appeared. Thats it. I didn’t do anything special other than reach 1k followers and join the beta program.

beta testing is full :frowning: