Clickbank : Unfortunately we cannot offer you an account

Hello guys !
I have just tried o sign up to clickBank , But I got an error says

Thank you for your interest in ClickBank!
unfortunately we cannot offer you an account at this time. click here for more information.

I’m from morocco I don’t know If they don’t accept moroccans or what !
Please any help !!!

I have never got a single sale with them in past 10 years of my digital marketing career. Unless you have free and highly targeted traffic coming from SEO , i dont think its even worth it. One offer i checked was really shit(it was internet marketing course which was outdated by atleast 5 years) , i would not sell crap that they sell anyways.

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I do have the paid traffic ! all what I need Is a clickbank account right now

If CB is giving you issues try another network. You can find plenty of targeted offer on OfferVault and then apply to those networks.