Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge


Anybody ever go through the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge by Russell Brunson? If so, is it useful? Is the clickfunnels product good? Have a potential product I am thinking of launching and thinking of doing the One Funnel Away challenge and hopefully at the end of 30 days have a product launched.

Let me know what you think of the product and if the challenge is worth doing.


I’m going through it now. I’m up to week 2 so a little behind. It starts right on pace but gets faster by week 2. Worth way more than the price! Learn how to construct your story, funnel hacking, offer hacking. Those are topics alone will give you the ideas that you need to greatly increase


Hi, just saw your reply. Have you completed the full 30 days? Is it worth going through the process?


Hey! Yes i started it. Got to week 3 and got behind. What i learned in week 2 is worth 10xs what i paid honestly! I’ll wind up paying to go through it again now that i know i need to have a full 30 days to focus so i don’t fall behind again. Best money I’ve spend in biz so far


oh wow…sounds like theres a lot of great nuggets in the course. Thinking of joining in November. But do you get lifetime access to videos and can you just catch up? Or are you just wanting to complete it all in a full 30 day cycle?


It’s uncertain whether the videos stay. Some say they do and others say they disappear. I couldn’t get a straight answer. However, the session ends this week so I’ll know soon if we keep the videos or not lol


Clickfunnels is overrated and overpriced. Not to mention the community, filled with retards.


haha…Have you tried clickfunnels itself or is that as an outsider looking in? Heard their training is pretty good which is what the 30 day challenge puts you through.


I have a clickfunnels and Kajabi… Kajabi is much easier. It’s actually a 28 day challenge too. I may be canceling my ClickFunnels all together to transfer everything to Kajabi. I’ve used both for over two years.


@TMA Hows the training for Kajabi? How does it compare to the clickfunnels training? Heard good things about the clickfunnels training like what @Deereal mentioned.


I haven’t used kajabi. I’ve just Taken courses that were hosted on kajabi. Clickfunnels Is a bit pricey. But im looking at more than just price. The fact that they do have a “community” of followers means i have a built in marketplace to do business. I love the share funnel system where someone can sign up with you just from clicking the funnel you give them. The pre made templates for different biz industries is great. Russell’s marketing knowledge is spot on. Ofcourse it identifying perfect but no platform is. But im looking at longterm wealth with it. For that i need something that has already paved the way with my current and future audience. No need for me to try to pave a whole new galaxy of sorts when this one is already here and i see the gaps. When there’s perfection you have to look harder for gaps.


I have a clickfunnels and Kajabi… Kajabi is much easier in my opinion. Although I do like Russell Bronson a lot and he and I share many of the same mentors, I have made most of my money on Kajabi. Like I said, I have both. ClickFunnels used to have great customer service, then they changed it for only their high paying customers.


Thanks @Deereal @TMA for the feedback. might have to try both challenges and go from there…haha.


Clickfunnels platinum now offers every single course made through clickfunnels, there’s so much info in there it would take you months to get through! I’ve been a clickfunnels user for years now and it’s 10xD my business!


Clickfunnels is a great platform with a lot of useful information.

However, after using Clickfunnels and Kajabi, I moved completely to Kartra. Kartra has literally everythink you need build in. From email sequence builder, page builder, membership portal, helpdesks, tracking links, tagging etc. it’s such a powerful platform.

I add my affiliate link for who ever is interested