Clicks go up but conversion down dramatically on weekends

Hey guys, today I have a quite unusual question for you. I ask you to speculate with me. How can it be that on weekends my clicks on OGAds increase by a whopping 50%, but the earnings stay exactly the same or are even less. Why should they convert so badly on weekends, even though they click more often. I simply don’t get it. I guess you also have no clue that’s why I just want you to speculate. If you have any guess why it could be, even if it sounds absurd, i would appreciate you telling me it. Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

Maybe people during the weekend are just browsing, looking to have fun and aren’t as eager to fill forms up. Maybe try other offers that require less work during the weekend…

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Tuesday is the highest day for conversions. (That I’ve seen) I see a slowdown on Friday (worker bees heading out to party), small number Saturday (they are bored and hung over), and a good increase on Sunday night (bored eh?), Monday, drops dramatically. Tuesday around 4pm locally, the engagement, clicks, conversion etc go through the roof (everyone had a case of the Mondays).

Wow, very interesting to hear you experiences indeed! I guess it highly depends on targeted audience. For me Saturday, Sunday, Monday are good, tuesday + wednesday horrible, thursday great and friday sucks.

In general, the rule for when people make purchases online/convert offers more is very later at night or early hours of the morning. Think bored/slightly drunk amazon sprees for stuff they don’t need.

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