Client Decides to buy 3k fake followers and 1.5k Fake likes for a month - destroys engagement and growth. Keep or Drop?

The title covers it I reckon. I have a client who wasn’t too happy with a slow growth (30-50 per day) and decided to boost his engagement. He was getting 250-300 likes per post with 3k followers and some comments.

For 30 days - he boosted likes by 1.5k on each post as well as followers by 100+ per day.

4 days ago his ‘trial’ for the service expired. Engagement is 20-40 likes per post, pretty much no comments and the followers are growing at 3-10 per day.

I’m sure he destroyed the engagement and the reason why growth is slower is that those fake followers are being disabled/removed daily. So my service now is also impaired at best.

So the question here is - Do I keep him as a client and try to remedy/fix the situation or should I just drop the client and say sorry but I won’t be able to help?

What would you do?


Tell him what realistic results he is going to have after this bullshit and when he lives in his dream and want 5k followers per month from you, you should drop him

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I guess try and explain that what he’s done has / will damage his acct… If he did that before asking you and wasn’t happy about the service its pretty silly though. Sounds like hes the kind of person who wouldn’t be too loyal as a customer.

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I can’t fault him 100% as April to mid May was terrible due to PV loops. Pretty much no growth for 4 weeks. Followers were naturally declining slowly.

I know him for a long time so I don’t think he wants to switch or anything. He doesn’t pay me much either.

So yea, I guess I’m inclined to try and help but honestly I think it might be a lot more headache as I would need to purge the fake followers and would be a journey to fix the engagement :smiley:

Tell him you have to battle follower loss because of his mistake. I had a client who had bought 10k and was losing 200 daily, and I was maybe breaking even for her on most days. She ended up just stopping after a month and deleting her account/gave up on becoming famous lmao.


Did he ask advice from you before buying followers?
If yes and you told him to stay away from fake likes and followers but he didn’t listen to you, it’s his own fault.
It depends what are your goals but if you are able to fix his engagement, you could use that as reference with future clients.
It all depends on the relation you have with him. You could talk to him about it and say that you can try fixing the engagement but nothing is promised.

At the end of the day, it depends how close you are with the client and if that relationship can be foregone. Because with the time you are using to fix his engagement, you could have looked for other clients.


I don’t think he will give up. IG is his life :smiley:

No, he helped himself

Yea, I only know him professionally and I sort of pity him because I know he cares a lot. But honestly, I feel like it’s going to be too much headache trying to fix it.

Right, here’s what I’m gonna do. Send an email explaining what he did and I will say I could try and fix it but won’t make promises. If he decides to go with it - I’ll put some effort to make it work. But if I’ll see it takes too long I will let him know I won’t be able to help further.

Thanks for your input everyone!


I think that’s a good plan. But generally concerning such a topic I would not handle it via mail (many misunderstandings can come up and it’s also a chance to position you as professional and show your value). I would try to talk to him and explain him friendly he made a mistake and why it is a mistake and what it causes to his account. If you can make him understand this he will feel a lil bit stupid and he will feel he needs you. And in a best case scenario he really understands it and don’t does moves on his own again in the future (but that’s not very likely tbh if he did it already once).

Maybe you can even sell him getting rid of his fake followers - Good Luck

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If the client is paying good money and has done for a while then keep and try and repair the damage. If not then drop 100%. If any of the fake followers drop off or they get unhappy with lack of likes they’re going to blame it on you even though that is wrong. We’ve been there and gone through it and it very rarely ends positively.


That would be absolutely the case for premium clients but he isn’t one. He’s always super price concerned and I don’t think I’ll get him to pay more.

I guess the reason of this post was to see how most of the community deal with such a situation. For the price which the client is paying me, it’s definitely not worth my time. Also, I know I could put my time for better use.

The only reason I still consider to offer help is that I helped them with other projects in the past and we have 1 year ~ good professional relationship. Also, I pity them the trouble as I know how much they care.

But in all honesty - fixing or trying to fix - will cost me hours at least and maybe days of manual work.

I’m gravitating towards saying sorry but I can’t help you. I guess my goodwill is keeping me from doing that :smiley: But maybe, it’s just business and I shouldn’t care? Hmm.

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I think your client made a mistake, but you should see this has not a failure but a challenge for you!
My opinion is talk with client openly, tell what he got bad and you will try to fix this. Say to him that buying fake engagement will be horrible in Instagram eyes.
Talk open, make him confortable, now do what you love to do, accept challenge and grow the fuck up. Start identifying what’s fake what’s true, block the fake followers and start from the 0.

Situations like this can lead to big success, because your client made a big mistake. If you could save him and have success on that, people will see even with very bad account’s you can keep growing with your service, you’re giving value and rescue to them! Hope it helps.

Sorry for bad english :S

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This is a hard situation. Becuase they will expect YOU to get their engagement back up. I struggle a lot with this. Clients that break the rules and then expect you to still do what you do.
I would say keep them until they annoy you haha. Then drop that shit like it’s hot.

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I don’t see any problems to be honest, you are still generating the same amount of REAL followers, the total number of followers will just grow less.

If the only reason that client is with you, is because he wants that ‘follower’ number to go up, he should just stick to fake followers and you should immediately drop him since you are not providing him the service that he is looking for.

What you can do, is explain to him that fake followers are basically useless, and that you are getting real people to follow his page. People that will actually see the content that he posts and will eventually buy something if he plays his cards right.