Client Kicked out of IG app

Hi - I haven’t seen this issue after searching. Here it goes:

Long time Jarvee client suddenly changed her password and a day later when she logs in on her phone the screen turns black and the app shuts down. I get the same error as well when using my phone. Any thoughts?

You should contact ig support

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Concerned account ban though.

It can be but it’s a wierd way so announce someone his account is dead
What happens in jarvee ?

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Weirdly I can use the account in the EB.

And I tried to reset the password but I don’t get the email to supply the six digit number

I think Instagram is down again

other people have the same issue as you below the map


I’ve literally got a status page for Instagram on my dashboard for clients so that they don’t think it’s something from my end. God damn it they have issues every day

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You gotta send them the Instagram Down link andbasically throughout the service try to align both you and your client against Instagram. Shift the blame cause it really is Instagrams fault

TOTALLY agree. Yes, this has been a crazy summer on an almost daily basis. Thanks!

YEP - makes sense. Thanks @Mastema