Client mangment application to post/story multiple accounts (legal, manually, no-bot)

I found this problem not fully answers by IG profiles manager.
I have 30~ real accounts I want to post and story for them - real content not fake.

I don’t want to link them all together on same Instagram application since most of them are also using automation software.

I found out app-cloner, parallel space, 2 accounts, but all of them not working well since it seems detectable.
What is the best, undetectable, proper way to do that - to not link between all accounts ?

Real devices with real sims. The only real ‘undetectable’ way there is.


What you want to do sounds a lot like what @Alexnvo does - dozens of real accounts and millions of followers - so it’s worth checking out his top posts.

He runs without the automation and most (all?) of the accounts are linked to him, so it’s definitely possible, even with the footprints linking them all.

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get separate phones for 10 accounts or more, say 6 phones 5 accounts each. (different data plans also) you want perfect answers, there is no perfect way. no bulletproof method. It will take you hours a day to post – unless you hire out. All mine are linked and to me directly via phones and Facebook pages too.
30 is nothing, i have 51 accounts all manual, off bots since sep of 2018. I have not posted in them in about a year, got bored frankly. Never did it for the money, but love and challenge now I need a new moon to reach.


unless you provide off clues facebook can track( same email on phones – same ip and errors reletated to human crap-- example loging in from on account either on facebook or insta linked to another phone and or location enabled – but yes, only real way to be undetected for a time. eventually the AI will figure out all connected – via data sampling from all phones – combined

Your accounts will not share the same content right? That’s one of the best ways to go undetected. Different images/videos and captions for every account.

Having unique content, Bio, and links is the best way. Accounts must not be connected to the same proxies. You can do these things.

I have real accounts, clients. I tried dual app it seems to work. but might be detected.

I would add: the same cell tower. IG collects that information :slightly_smiling_face:

Does “undetectable” works for Instagram? :o

Real devices for each account with a new sim.
It will work the best.

yes if you choose a reliable anti-detect tool say marketerbrowser hiding your IP.