Clients for Follow/Unfollow . Best promotion method to find these types of clients?

Hey guys! Please, share your ideas how are you finding these follow/unfollow clients? Is it email marketing, Instagram DM, Ads or any other methods? In old times , some years ago, most of the people were using DM’ing from instagram accounts. How do you gain these clients nowadays?

You can use the search field on the forum to see the methods that users mentioned, maybe you will find something that you haven’t seen yet:
I don’t think there is some revolutionary new method for this, maybe just a different approach than what you could use a few years ago.

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I think all those methods you’ve mentioned could help you out with getting new clients. See what method gives you the best results and stick with that.

yes, as Jaha said, what you mentioned is good and you should try them all then optimize.

the most important thing is to have a great portfolio (previous results, website, clients testimony…etc) and you should gain clients.

What’s the point of putting a forum link on Bit ly?

Just a habit, it looks nicer to me :smiley: