Clients Statistics Methods

Hi guys, wanted to make this thread for us to share methods to give good statistics to the clients.
I am sort of new in this thing, been for about 6 months in the business, and most of the good clients like to ask and would even pay for extra statistics about the service and their accounts.
Right now, my only method is to take Jarvee statistics numbers and then try to make a graph in excel with that data.
If you have better methods and better ones, please share them with the community!

Make your own analytics site.

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hey bro, what do you mean about making an analytics site?

Hyperauditor is a really decent tool! it does help a lot and we build our analysis based on that.

If you don’t mind me asking what info do you provide for you clients? as in statistics just about their followers or average amount of likes? there isnt too much of an analysis you can take out from jarvee i think


You could develop your own analytics/statistics website. There’s a lot of scripts out there that you can buy and then personalize to your agency. You can then charge for the reports - another great revenue generator.

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Right now all I can do is like just showing some graphs with daily growth, likes, and some clients like to ask about the interactions movement as well.

I use igblade for first month now, good service. Thats everything a client needs. I previously used data extractions from bot with simple metrics like how much follower gained and how much posts. Then I wrote summary for a month with a data how much since we began to cooperate.

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